Employment & Day Services

Integrated employment and day service programs

Horizon’s Employment Services division helps jobseekers in their efforts to pursue and obtain competitive, and community inclusive employment which is aligned with their individual Career Development Plans.

Horizon believes that everyone who chooses to do so, can contribute to the community workforce with their abilities through inclusive employment.

Discovery/Career Exploration Services

This is a person-centered, time-limited, employment planning service that is a precursor to job development.  Through the Discovery process, individuals explore their options and identify their interests, strengths, abilities, transferable skills, and conditions for success.  The outcome of this service is the development of a person-centered “Discovery Profile” which guides the search for inclusive employment opportunities. 

Employment Path Services

Horizon provides this service to individuals who have identified their employment goal and need to work on their skill development to realize that goal.  These supports help improve the job seekers employability in the general workforce by helping them learn necessary skills and obtain work experience, which often includes volunteer opportunities.

Job Development/Placement

After the successful completion of Discovery and Employment Path training, individuals work with Horizon’s Job Developers who help procure appropriate job opportunities in the field and community of their choice.  Job seekers are involved in every aspect of the job development/placement process. They are encouraged to actively engage in analyzing employment opportunities and are encouraged to enlist help from their friends, families, and other contacts in the community to assist the Job Developer with designing developing and implementing the support strategies that will lead to successful placement. 

Supported Employment Services

Horizon staff work with employed individuals to maintain, or advance in their chosen employment setting.  Individualized job coaching supports based on the individuals needs and goals, short term or long term, are identified and implemented to ensure successful employment. 

The expected outcome of this process is community inclusive employment at or above minimum wage. Employed individuals typically work between 5 -25 hours per week and are supported by Horizon Job Coaches on site until stabilization in the workplace is achieved. Job Coaches are available to return as requested by the employer or employee to continue supports or help expand skills and responsibility.

Horizon Day Services Program

Housed within Horizon’s Employment Division is the Horizon Day Services Program. Day service supports are provided for those who are of retirement age or who have chosen not to pursue educational or employment opportunities, Horizon’s Day Supports services are ideal. These services are not time limited and also are integrated within the community. Direct Support Staff (DSPs) assist individuals with skill building (educational and mobility supports), safety skills in the community, life skills, and medication management. Participants in Horizon’s Day Services may also be residents in Horizon Group Homes or be served through Horizon’s Supported Living program, but many live in foster homes or at home with family and friends. Horizon’s Day Services gives family members and care givers a time of respite while helping individuals with I/DD socialize with peers and get out into their community.

Typical experiences provided by Day Service supports include traveling to the local farmers markets, shopping, visiting local libraries and museums, going to movies, or hanging out in parks and having picnics in the summer. All activities include an educational component and teach socialization and safety.