Residential and supported living supports

Horizon Project operates 20 group homes and numerous supported living location where adults with I/DD can live safely and with the dignity and supports they need. All residences are integrated within the communities in which we operate.

Supported Living

Individuals in supported living most often live in their homes with families or in their own apartments. A few have been able over the years to purchase their own homes, which is the ultimate achievement.

Horizons Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) visit with them daily to assist with a variety of supports that help them continue to live as independently. DSPs help them with transportation, shopping, medical appointments, and safety supports.

Group Homes

For adults who are unable to live independently with supports, Horizon operates 20 group homes, all integrated within residential communities. People who chose to live in Horizon homes receive supports and assistance through DSPs 24 hours a day/7 days a week. DSPs become part of the extended families of those we serve…many of whom may no longer have family of their own or who have friends and families in remote locations.

Group homes house up to 5 individuals and supports include: assistance with daily life skills (such as food preparation and feeding), hygiene supports, mobility supports, shopping and socialization experiences, recreational activities, skill development and basic educational supports, medication management and doctor visits, and safety supports.